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  • Tên sách : Thus Have I Heard - Digha Nikaya
  • Tác giả : .
  • Dịch giả : Maurice Walshe
  • Ngôn ngữ : Anh
  • Số trang : 648
  • Nhà xuất bản : Wisdom Publications London
  • Năm xuất bản : 1987
  • Phân loại : Sách tiếng Anh-English
  • MCB : 1201000000416
  • OPAC :
  • Tóm tắt :


The Long Discourses of the Buddha

A new translation of the Digha Nikaya

Translated from the Pali by Maurice Walshe

Wisdom Publications London

Thus Have I Heard is new translation of the DighaNikaya, a collection of the thirty-four long discourses, given by the Buddha in India two and a half thousand year ago.

These sutras - some of the most popular scriptures in the Pali Canon – reveal the gentleness, compassion, power and penetrating wisdom of the Buddha. Included are teachings on mindfulness; on morality, concentration and wisdom; on dependent origination; on dependent origination; on the root and causes of wrong views; and a long description of Buddha`s last days and passing away; along with wealth of practical spiritual path.

Venerable Sumedho Thera writes in his foreword ‘They are not to be ‘sacred scriptures’ that tell us what to believe. One should read them, think about them, contemplate them and investigate the present reality, the present experience with them. Then, and only then, can one insightfully know the truth beyond words.

Introduced with vivid account his life and times and a short survey of his teachings. Thus Have! Heard bring us closer in every way to the wise and compassionate presence of Gotama Buddha and his path of truth.

Cover: Buddha teaching, painted by Pang Chinasai. London, 1986.



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Technical Notes


Summary of the Thirty –Four Sutras


  1. The Supreme net What the Teaching Is not
  2. The Fruits of the Homeless Life
  3. About  Ambattha Pride Humbled
  4. About Sonadanda The Qualities of a True Brahmin
  5. About Kutadanta a Bloodless Sacrifice
  6. About Mahali heavenly Sights, Soul and body
  7. About Jaliya
  8. The Great Lion`s Roar
  9. About Potthapada States of Consciousness
  10. About Subha Morality, Concentration, wisdom
  11. About Kevaddha What  Brahma Didn’t Know
  12. About Lohicca. Good and Bad Teachers
  13. The Threefold Knowledge The Way to Brahma
  14. The Great Discourse on the Lineage
  15. The Great Discourse on Origination
  16. The Great Passing  The Buddha ` s Last Days
  17. The Great Splendour a King `s Renunciation
  18. About Janavasabha Brahma Addresser the Gods
  19. The Great  Stewarrd a Past  Life of  Gotama
  20. The Mighty  gathering Divas Come  to See the Buddha
  21. A God Consults the Buddha
  22. The Greater  Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness
  23. Debate  with a Septic
  24. The Charlatan
  25. The great Lion ` s  Roar to the Udumbarikans
  26. The Lion `s Roar on the Turning of the Wheel
  27. On Knowledge of Beginnings
  28. Serene Faith
  29. The Delightful Discourse
  30. The Marks of a Great Man
  31. Advice to Lay People
  32. Protective Verses
  33. The Chanting  Together
  34. Expanding decades


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